ViLisse Non Surgical Facelift Mask Application Instructions

The ViLisse Non Surgical Facelift Mask is a professional strength product. Best results can be expected when the product is applied properly.
Unlike over-the-counter products, DO NOT just apply from the tube. The ViLisse Non Surgical Facelift Product is very thick and applying improperly may not provide desired results!
Thicker is NOT better! Be sure that your face has been thoroughly cleaned. Leave the face damp to apply the mask. Squeeze a small amount of the mask into the palm of the hand and apply with WET FINGERS.
If face and fingers are dry, this product will be too thick to properly apply. Again, thicker is not better. When the face is damp and the fingers are moist, a thin and even layer can be applied smoothly.
If the product feels too thick or “glue-like” simply dampen face and leave more water on the fingers.
With a proper application, the mask will appear almost transparent. As the mask starts to dry, the skin under the mask will start to tighten as the mask hardens. For best results, the mask should not crack during drying.
When the mask has completely dried, wash with warm water until all product is removed. Do not attempt to peel the mask.
Then, follow up with a good Cleanser, Toner, and Moisturizer for optimum results. If you have any questions, please feel free to call our support line and leave a message Monday through Friday 9AM to 7PM EST at (813) 774-8191
Be sure to send us your before and after pictures. If we use your picture, we’ll send you a free tube of ViLisse Non Surgical Facelift Mask! Email photos to New orders at